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Minimally Invasive Disc Treatment

Minimally Invasive Disc Treatment

METRx Microdiscectomy SystemMicroscopic discectomy uses microsurgical techniques and the METRx™ system to decompress the nerve root. Enhanced illumination and visualization, limited tissue disruption, and quicker recovery times are all benefits offered by the microscopic discectomy surgery procedure.

The METRx™ system is used by Dr. SIddiqi to remove herniated or "slipped" discs in the lumbar spine. This minimally invasive technique greatly reduces the amount of pain felt by patients after the operation.

Through the use of this new technology, Dr. Siddiqi is able to provide patients with the same benefits of less invasive surgery. The METRx™ system also reduces post-operative pain, shortens recovery times, and makes rehabilitation much easier

For the first time, laminotomy, foraminotomy, medial facetectomy, nerve root retraction and discectomy can be performed microscopically. As a result, patients get the reliability of conventional open surgery combined with the advantages of a minimally invasive technique.

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