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Dr. Shah Siddiqi

World traveler, college athlete and cricketer, husband, father, writer, speaker and gifted surgeon. All these designations are perfectly suited to Shah Siddiqi, M.D., founder and director of Texas Spine Center. Born in London, he met his wife in Toronto and completed his residency and fellowship there. His family moved from London to Houston in 1979. Dr. Siddiqi and his wife have three children: two studying medicine in Texas; his youngest daughter, a Klein High School senior, has played varsity tennis since her freshman year. His wife enjoys volunteering at medical clinics in the community.

As a spine specialist with over 27 years’ experience, Dr. Siddiqi is a graduate of Cambridge University Medical School and board-certified in neurosurgery.

He completed a spine fellowship from the University of Toronto and has many national and regional awards in his
field. He is a member of The Methodist Research Institute. “My focus has always been to treat patients conservatively,” he said. “When surgery is appropriate, minimally-invasive options for conditions such as disc disease and spinal stenosis help patients spend less time in surgery, experience fewer complications and less pain. This allows them to return to an active normal lifestyle soon after surgery.”

While he provides comprehensive care for all spinal conditions involving the neck, back and lower back; numbness or weakness in arms or legs, proper treatment starts with a correct diagnosis. “If the diagnosis is wrong, then treatments aren’t going to be effective,” he said. “We offer a free MRI review, so patients can send their reports to us for a second opinion.”

Dr. Siddiqi studied in and speaks English, French, German and Indian and has staff who speak Spanish. “Many of my patients—particularly the elderly— are more comfortable communicating in their native language,” Dr. Siddiqi said. He works closely with a team of professionals—including radiologists, physical therapists, pain management physicians and internists along with his patients’ primary care physicians—to provide a holistic approach to care.

From professional athletes to weekend warriors, Dr. Siddiqi’s patient base is wide and diverse but his approach is one of universal compassion and empathy. “We’ve established a charity program to help provide affordable care for patients,” he said. “We don’t want to close the door on anyone who needs help.”

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