PRESTIGE Cervical Disc - Small The surgical benefits of an anterior approach to the cervical spine in the management of the intractable symptoms and physical findings associated with cervical degenerative disc disease are well known. Usually, the symptomatic functional spinal unit (FSU) is mobile and mechanically stable. Anterior cervical disc fusion, though providing symptomatic relief, has the disadvantage of converting the operated segment to a non-functional spinal unit.

Who is a good candidate for Cervical Disc Replacement?

Cervical disc arthroplasty is intended to preserve the motion segment, reduce return to work time, and reduce reoperations due to pseudoarthrosis. If you experience arm pain, weakness and numbness due to a cervical radiculopathy and/or myelopathy related to single-level cervical disc disease, disc replacement may be an option. It has risks and benefits associated with such a procedure you will want to evaulate. Check with your Spine Surgeon, Dr. Shah Siddiqi, as surgical treatment may be an option after non-surgical treatments have been explored.





PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc (front view)


PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc (side view)



PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc (top view)


PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc c-ray (forward bending)



PRESTIGE® Cervical Disc c-ray (backward bending)