The spine is made up of multiple vertebrae, each of which is cushioned against the other by a disc that prevents the bones grinding together, and the spinal nerves from being pinched. When there is a severe deterioration of the discs in the spine, patients can experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms. When this occurs, the patient has the option of pursuing surgery to replace their degenerated disc with a new artificial one.

The Prestige® LP Cervical Disc System is an artificial disc, manufactured by Medtronic, that can be used to replace deteriorated discs in the human spine. Made of a titanium ceramic composite and titanium carbide, its design allows for the same support and flexibility as its organic inspiration, and alleviates the pain and discomfort associated with bulging, herniated, or deteriorating discs.

How Is the Prestige® LP Cervical Disc System Implanted?

Undergoing surgery to have this Cervical Disc System implanted is no small undertaking. The procedure is considered high risk because the area of operation is surrounded by many important nerves and blood vessels. This is why it is important to work with a board-certified neurosurgeon that you trust.

During surgery, patients will be placed under a general anesthesia; the surgeon will then sterilize the site of the incision and prep the area for surgery. Once ready, an inch-long incision will be cut into the front of the neck. The doctor will carefully move the inner structures of the neck so that they can access the cervical spine. Once cleared, the surgeon will remove the damaged disc from its space and insert the Prestige LP cervical disc into the space. Once this is done, the incision will be closed, and the patient will be sent to a recovery room.

Because this is a major surgery, patients will require a hospital stay during at least part of the recovery process. Patients can expect to experience pain and stiffness, and should work with their surgeon and a physical therapist to find a plan for rehabilitation that will work best for their needs.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Prestige® LP Cervical Disc System?

Spinal conditions are complex and vary greatly between individuals. To find out what the best method of treatment for your spinal condition is, schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Shah Siddiqi at Texas Spine Center.


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