Disc Herniation/ Disc Protrusion occurs when the inner, softer disc material breaks out of outer disc membrane and initially may be 'bulging', then may become 'protruded', then may become 'herniated' when it breaks out of the outer disc wall.

Also called a "ruptured" or "slipped" disc, this may occur after an injury or even with aging. Treatment is based on the symptoms and usually starts with conservative care, physical therapy, and pain control. Symptoms usually include pain in the arm or leg and may not exhibit in the actual injury area of the back or neck. Pain can be aggravated by improper movements and is often severe.

Diagnosis will include a review of lifestyle, recent accidents or injuries and may require an MRI or other diagnostic tests such as a CAT scan to determine nerve damage if present. Physical therapy and medications often help patients to a healthy recovery. When disc surgery is needed, minimally invasive surgery options are discussed with the patient to determine a unique solution involving recovery and rehab plans.

We work with patients to establish a full course of treatment focused on relieving pain and taking back control of your life. Call our Houston office today to discuss diagnosis and options with our neurosurgeon for treatment of a Herniated Disc. You can reach us at 281-469-0339