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Robotic Spine Surgery: The Technology Behind a Minimally Invasive Approach

CT image-guided navigation IMG 3Advancements in robotics are pushing spinal surgery into the future, where minimally invasive operations and small recovery times will become the medical standard. One of the amazing technological developments in this progress is the CT Image Guided Navigation hardware being developed by companies like Medtronic.

CT Image Guided Navigation allows doctors to precisely locate compromised areas of the spine, assess conditions, and determine the best treatment option for each patient with confidence. Because this robotic-guided approach to diagnostics is so precise, surgeries that follow tend to be less invasive and require a shorter recovery time. Many patients only need an overnight stay in the hospital, have a small incision with no stitches to care for, and can return to an active life quickly.

The O-Arm™ Surgical Imaging System, developed by Medtronic, is one example of the advanced imaging technology currently being used by doctors, and succeeds in offering physicians a revolutionary approach to spinal surgery.

This mobile x-ray system can provide real-time images of the spine from all angles, allowing doctors to assess a patient's condition with astounding accuracy. Additionally, this device's three-in-one technology assimilates seamlessly into the workflow of the spinal surgeon’s operating procedures and eliminates the need for patients to travel to radiology before the operating room. This simplification decreases the stress on doctors and patients alike, resulting in a more positive surgical experience for everyone involved. Technological advances like this one are the beginning of a new world of surgical excellence.

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The medical professionals at Texas Spine Center pride themselves on using the latest technology, and most modern approaches to spinal medicine, to assess and treat your back pain. With a highly-skilled staff dedicated to your care and recovery, our goal is to get you back on your feet and back pain free as soon as possible. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Siddiqi to discuss the treatment options that are best for you.