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Minimially Invasive Lumber Surgery - MicroDiscectomy

The lumbar spine is the third part of the spine, after the cervical and thoracic portions. The vertebrae that comprise the lumbar spine are the largest and strongest of the three regions because they support the majority of the body's weight. There are five pairs of lumbar nerves that control the movement and sensory functions of the lower extremities.

A lumbar microdiscectomy may be needed to repair the lumbar spine when certain conditions are present, including:

  • Leg pain that limits your routine activities
  • Weakness in your leg(s) or feet
  • Numbness in your extremities
  • Impaired bowel and/or bladder function

If Dr. Siddiqi determines that you are a candidate for lumbar microdiscectomy, the operation will only require a very small incision, meaning that your recovery time will generally be much shorter than that associated with traditional lumbar surgery. This procedure can be performed as outpatient/day surgery in many cases so patients may return home following surgery if they desire.

The Lumbar Microdiscectomy Operation

Dr. Siddiqi uses retractor systems such as the METRx™ System to perform lumbar microdiscectomy on his patients. Using this system, only the portion of a ruptured disc which is "pinching" one or more spinal nerve roots is removed.

Dr. Siddiqi begins by making a small incision in your lower back. Over this opening, he 

METRx Microdiscectomy Systemwill insert a microscope that will help him clearly visualise and reach the pinched nerve. Once the pinched nerve is located, Dr. Siddiqi will use microsurgical procedures to remove the ruptured portion of the disc and also any disc fragments which may have broken off from the main disc. The length of the procedure varies on a case-by-case basis, but generally, operative time for this surgery is less than an hour.

Dr. Siddiqi will discuss with you all risks and possible complications associated with the use of the METRx™ System, as well as the benefits. He will only perform this operation if you are a suitable candidate.

Minimal Access Spinal Technologies (MAST):

With the recent launch of Minimal Access Spinal Technologies (MAST), spine surgeons are using minimally invasive techniques for the first time to remove herniated intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine.

Minimally invasive technologies also are allowing spine surgeons to stabilize the posterior portion of the spine by making smaller incisions that cause less damage to the elements of the spine than in an "open" posterior spinal fusion.

Potential benefits of small incisions include limited tissue disruption, enhanced visualization and illumination, shorter hospital visits and faster recovery times. MAST developments continue to promote the advancement of spinal surgery, with a focus on patient recovery and new technologies and products that could potentially provide better outcomes from surgery.

Dr. Siddiqi is committed to providing his patients with the latest advances in micro spinal surgery technology.

To learn if you are a candidate for a lumbar microdiscectomy procedure in Houston, contact us at 281-469-0339.