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Car accidents represent a large percentage of serious back injury cases in the United States. Houston is a leader in car crashes.

The stress put on the spinal column in a car collision can cause a disc that separates your vertebrae to shift. As a result, the disc may press into the spinal canal and press against spinal nerves, producing severe back, neck and leg pain. If left untreated, serious back problems may lead to chronic pain, which results in lost productivity at work and an overall decrease in patients' quality of life.

Accident Related Back Injury - Treatment Options

If you have suffered a back-related injury as a result of a car accident, Dr. Siddiqi and his staff at Texas Spine Center are prepared to put you on the path to recovery.

Dr. Siddiqi, an Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery, and his staff will arrange all diagnostic tests to clearly define the area of pain or injury from your accident. A full treatment and rehab plan can be discussed to better treat spinal injuries that interfere with patients' daily activities and cause them pain. The staff at the Texas Spine Center in Houston area works closely with the insurance companies of patients who have been involved in vehicle accidents or who have suffered from a personal injury.

If you experience a sharp pain in the back, leg or foot, or numbness in these areas after an accident, you should see a doctor immediately. 


To learn more about treatment for automobile injuries, and insurance coverage for treatment, please call our office for the Houston location nearest you at 281-469-0339 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you.