Sciatica (Sciatic Nerve Pain) is pain that starts in the low back and goes to one or both legs. It results from the 'sciatic nerve' (the nerve going to the leg) being pinched as it arises from nerve roots in the spinal canal. Causes of this pinching may include: herniated disc, foramina stenosis, spondylolisthesis.

Diagnosing Sciatic Nerve Pain

Many patients self-diagnose this condition incorrectly as the referred pain and swelling in the hip and leg doesn't seem to indicate a back injury or back condition. Trouble sleeping, sitting and walking due to pain and discomfort with low mobility, loss of flexibility, numbness and burning sensations are all reasons to see a physician. 

Sciatic nerve inflammation can be caused by a specfiic event or develop over time due to wear and tear on body parts. Additional causes can include mild repetitive injuries from sports, chronic conditions that exaceberate genetic conditions such as narrow spinal canals or bone growth pressing on nerves. 

Your doctor will use an in-office evaluation that will include a medical history and may include x-rays, MRI or other options to determine the underlying condition causing nerve pain.

Treatments for Sciatic Nerve Conditions

Most sciatic nerve conditions are treated non-surgically after a thorough evaluation. Since  underlying medical conditions are generally the cause of nerve pain, treatment is focused on the long term plans. Each case is unique and after a careful evaluation, Dr. Siddiqi may recommend a combination of non-operative therapy and pain management if needed. Long term goals include learning about your injury and the best way to manage daily activity and return to an active lifestyle. 

Treatment options may include exercise, physical therapy, medications, Spinal injections and or minimally invasive surgery may be indicated in some severe cases. 

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