Lumbar Disc Replacement

Charite Disc | Texas Spine CenterAlthough fusion surgery may be effective in eliminating pain symptoms, patients may experience limited flexibility in that particular area of the spine due to immobilization of the vertebrae between the disc. The CHARITÉ™ artificial disc is designed in such a way that it allows your spine to move similar to a normal disc level, giving you room to bend more freely. Another benefit offered by disc replacement with the CHARITÉ™ artificial disc is that, unlike spinal fusion, it does not need a bone graft for the procedure.

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) Treatment

If you are seeking an alternative to spinal fusion, then disc replacement with the CHARITÉ™ artificial disc may be your solution. The CHARITÉ™ Artificial Disc is implanted to replace a diseased or damaged intervertebral disc during a surgical procedure called spinal arthroplasty.

This procedure is recommended for patients with a diseased disc between L4 and L5 or L5 and S1. Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) results from a worn or injured disc and causes back pain. Dr. Siddiqi can confirm your disc related low back pain by history, x-rays, or other diagnostic imaging. Patients receiving the CHARITÉ™ Artificial Disc should have failed at least six months of conservative treatment such as pain medication, back brace, and therapy measures.

Who is eligible for Disc Replacement?

Have you experienced back disc injury, spinal disc pain, slip disc back pain, or a herniated disc in the back or slipped discs in the neck? Surgery is not the only treatment available, but may restore mobility and lessen pain for those who have not responded to other non-surgical treatments. Dr. Siddiqi is one of the top Houston Neurosurgeons and can discuss your condition and treament options with you. 

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