Microdiscectomy Herniated Disc Cross SectionEndoscopic discectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure used to remove herniated disc material that is causing uncomfortable pain and pressure in the back. Endoscopic discectomy is an alternative to open lumbar disc surgery and does not involve bone removal or large incisions to the skin. Instead, the procedure involves the use of X-ray imaging and magnified video to help insert an endoscopic probe through the skin of your back, between the vertebrae and into the herniated disc space.

Once the endoscope has been inserted small surgical instruments are passed through the hollow center of the tube which will then be used to remove portions of the herniated disc. If needed, the surgical tools can also help remove disc fragments and small bone spurs.

A local anesthetic is used prior to the start of the procedure, which lasts about an hour. The amount of pain that patients experience is minimal.

The risk of complications from scarring, blood loss, infection and anesthesia that may occur with open disc surgery are reduced or, in some cases, completely eliminated with this procedure. Dr. Siddiqi will determine if you are a candidate for this procedure based on your condition and previous medical history. We will discuss all risks, benefits and complications with you during your office visit.


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