The best preparation for surgery is being sure that all your questions are answered. You should also be sure to inform your physician of any health problems you may have or medications that you are taking before surgery.

Once you have been admitted to the hospital, you will be taken to a pre-op room and prepared for surgery. This may include instruction about the surgery, cleansing of your surgical site, as well as instruction about the postoperative period. You may meet with the anesthesiologist to discuss your anesthesia. Finally, you will be prepared for intraoperative nerve monitoring, which will involve the placement of adhesive electrodes on the skin overlying specific muscles in your legs. Placing the electrodes will require cleaning and light abrasion of the skin. This monitoring will help with the safe approach to the spine from the side.

You will then be taken to the operating room and anesthesia will be induced. Once the anesthetic had been successfully administered, you will be positioned on you side for the surgery.