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What Happens When You Need Disc Replacement Surgery?

What Happens When You Need Disc Replacement Surgery?

The spine is one of the most influential bone structures in the human body, with a series of vertebrae separated by discs that allow the spine to twist and bend without causing damaging friction between vertebrae. When the discs become worn down or damaged through injury or natural disc degeneration, however, the vertebrae affected by the damaged disc (and the nerves surrounding them) are at risk. When this happens, your doctor may recommend disc replacement surgery to improve your pain levels and overall quality of life.

Laser Spine Surgery vs Traditional Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery vs Traditional Surgery

Spinal issues such as herniated discs affect all kinds of people including US Presidents, famous athletes, and even movie stars. On occasion, some problems are genetic while others can be the result of trauma such as a car accident. But over the years, the methods for fixing spinal issues have changed, causing some to ask, “Which is better?”

Is Laser Spine Surgery Good? 6 Common Misconceptions About Laser Spine Surgery

Is Laser Spine Surgery good? Laser Spine Surgery is considered a highly controversial topic among medical spine care professionals as a solution to treat pain. While some Orthopaedic Neurosurgery Specialists do not offer or use laser spine surgery, others find it preferable for their patients. From how this treatment is advertised to the general public, it creates several misconceptions of what the surgery actually entails.

Dr. Shah Siddiqi Appointed Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery, Houston Methodist Hospital

Dr. Siddiqi recently was appointed as Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery within the Houston Methodist Institute for Academic Medicine (IAM). His appointment is through the Houston Methodist Department of Neurosurgery.  Houston Methodist Research Institute - Academic Administration The Institute for Academic Medicine governs all research, education and academic innovation activitites within Houston Methodist. It is grounded in its commitment to providing excellend and innovation in academic medicine, as measured by transformational research, robust education and leading clinical care.  Dr. Siddiqi and the Texas Spine Center are proud to be associated with such organizations as we continue advancing medicine and treatment options for our patients. 

Texas Spine Center Article in Champions Forest edition of Living Magazine

Republished from the March 2014 edition of Living Dr. Shah Siddiqi World traveler, college athlete and cricketer, husband, father, writer, speaker and gifted surgeon. All these designations are perfectly suited to Shah Siddiqi, M.D., founder and director of Texas Spine Center. Born in London, he met his wife in Toronto and completed his residency and fellowship there. His family moved from London to Houston in 1979. Dr. Siddiqi and his wife have three children: two studying medicine in Texas; his youngest daughter, a Klein High School senior, has played varsity tennis since her freshman year. His wife enjoys volunteering at medical clinics in the community. As a spine specialist with over 27 years’ experience, Dr. Siddiqi is a graduate of Cambridge University Medical School and board-certified in neurosurgery. He completed a spine fellowship from the University of Toronto and …

Dr. Shah Siddiqi Profiled in Living Magazine

TEXAS SPINE CENTER article published in Houston area. The article in Living Magazine orginally appeared in the November 2012 edition. State-of–the-Art Spine Surgery: A Minimally-invasive Approach Shah N. Siddiqi, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S. When your healthcare demands the skill of a spinal surgeon, nothing is more essential to the ultimate success of your treatment than the education, experience and expertise of your doctor. Choosing the right physician can make a world of difference in your recovery and ultimate return to the active and full life you enjoy. With a focus on using the very latest diagnostic and treatment techniques available, Dr. Shah Siddiqi provides state-of-the-art care for his patients suffering from neck and back pain. Board-certified in neurological surgery and one of the few fellowship-trained spinal surgeons in the Houston area, Dr. Siddiqi has more than 26 years of experience and …

Is Back Pain Affecting Your Life?

If you or someone you love is one of the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic or debilitating back or neck pain, there is good news. There is no need to live with the pain and miss out on life anymore! Even if you have had back surgery before but still suffer, don't lose hope! Texas Spine Center can help. A national leader in neurosurgery and spinal disorders with more than 26 years of experience, Dr. Shah Siddiqi of Texas Spine Center is well- respected among his peers for his experience and expertise and well-loved by his patients for his compassionate, comprehensive and conservative approach in helping patients get back to enjoying an active, pain-free life.